Tom Phillips Priest-in-Charge

As you’ll see by watching his sermons, Fr. Tom is not only warm, friendly but a high-energy biblical scholar who is passionate about Scripture.  He’s also a life-long Episcopalian, who’s father and grandfather were also Episcopal Priests.

Before being ordained as a Priest and joining the Incarnation team in 2018, Tom was one of the founding members of Emmaus Ministries an inter-denominational Bible school that takes young adults through the content of the entire Bible in 10 months. Tom and several others launched the school in 2006 in partnership with Youth With a Mission, the world’s largest missions organization. His goal now is to bring that same passion for Scripture into the pulpit at Incarnation. Tom has a passion to know God’s word, experience God’s presence, and share it with others. He’s also trying to be the best dad and father he can be, and run the race of life well for God’s glory and the world’s good.

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Nikki Grosso - Worship Leader

Nikki has been involved in music since she was 8 years old, singing and playing the guitar. She first came to our church in 2009 and has been participating in worship ministry for about 5 years. In 2018, she became our Worship Leader.

She’ll be graduating from Valencia with a degree in Baking and Pastry management and soon after will be attending Emmaus School of Biblical Studies in the Fall of 2019.

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Linda Varney - Sexton

Linda has been at Incarnation since it began. After walking thru the woods (her family saying,"are you sure a church is back here?") she’s never left. She’s the President of our Daughters of the King chapter, and she does a tremendous job keeping the church beautiful.
Her husband Larry is one of our key handy-men… he built our alter rail and baptismal font, and recently put our new door on children's tent.

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Martha Griggs - Accountant/Bookkeeper

Martha Griggs is a veteran Episcopalian who loves Jesus, is exceedingly organized, and all of that comes with a side of sarcasm (which we love). She keeps us organized and entertained all at the same time.

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Bailey Ramirez - Children's Coordinator

Bailey is from Orlando, Florida and her husband Eduardo was born in Panama City, Panama. The two met while completing a Discipleship Training School with Youth with a Mission in Tijuana, Mexico. They have separately done missions in Europe, Southeast Asia, Central America and Mexico. Eduardo and Bailey recently got married on June 30, 2018, and they have both been students with Emmaus Ministries (the Bible school hosted at Canterbury that Pastor Tom used to direct). Last year, Eduardo was the youth ministry intern at Northland Church in Oviedo. He is volunteering in our youth programming alongside longtime member and volunteer, Erick Perez.

Bailey recently began a new role as our Children’s Church Coordinator. During the first part of the Sunday Service, she leads our children (11 and under) through a specialized curriculum.  The children then return to the main service and join the adults for Communion.

Bailey is organizing a team of volunteers to help run the program, including utilizing our youth (middle and high school students) who are interested in helping serve.  The curriculum is lectionary based developed by The Rev. Charlie Holt, who directs Bible Study Media, an organization aimed at providing gospel-based curriculum tailored to the annual scripture readings of the Episcopal church.

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Our Vestry

The Vestry serve with the Priest to oversee the facilities, finances, and ministries of the church. Karen Whitacre (pictured above) is our vestry leader (Senior Warden). Our other vestry members are Tendai Mafarachisi, Su Folkins, Vicky Pace, Lorna Miller, and Heidi McIntyre. Steve Overstreet is our treasurer.

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